Reality and Rebirth

Hey! Here's the hub for my fanfiction! I'm slowly working on uploading and organizing it all.

Not every fanfic is uploaded here yet! I've written a TON of fanfiction, some works being tens of thousands of words long, and I'm still working on getting all of it uploaded. I have links to their pages on Ao3 when applicable.

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July 1st, 2024: The last chapter of Onkalo Heart has been posted: Chapter Fifteen, the epilogue. I'm going to try and get my other in-progress fanfics uploaded soon.

June 23rd, 2024: The most recent chapter of Onkalo Heart has been posted, Chapter Fourteen. Still working on everything else.

June 13th, 2024: I am working on reopening the fanfiction section again. Many pages have gotten an update! Most notable fanfiction upload is Onkalo Heart, my Pokémon Sword and Shield fanfic–thirteen chapters are up!

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These are slowly getting added and updated as I upload my fanfiction. In an ideal world, they would all already be up, but if I waited to do that before taking the website out of hiatus it would simply never come out of hiatus. So here's what I've got!

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