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Newest Updates

June 10th, 2023: I added a completed book to the Reading page and two movies to the Watching page. That's basically it! Something fun and awesome is being worked on, but it won't be up for a while.

May 17th, 2023: Added the favorites to the What I'm Reading page, and I'm planning lots of big additions.

April 27th, 2023: The What I'm Reading page is finally up!

April 12th, 2023: Updated the movie log on the What I'm Watching page with two new movies, and put more old updates on the Older Updates page. I also added a "Pages of Interest" section to the main page, which randomly links to one of a few random pages on the website.

Past Six Months

March 15th, 2023: I updated the updates page! It's less crowded now, with only updates from the past six months, and all older updates given their own page. I'll probably remember to update this manually.

March 8th, 2023: I added a new movie to the What I'm Watching page and gave Pokémon Ultra Sun it's own page for gameplay logs. Not much else! I'm working on it.

February 24th, 2023: Long time no update! I added a new section for the pokémon cradily, and I added links to that and the Wojira Duo section to the front page as "subsites." More updates are coming Eventually.

January 7th, 2023: Happy new year! I'm slowly updating the What I'm Playing page to have Gameplay Logs on separate pages, the first one being Super Lesbian Animal RPG. I also added a new fic to the Future Fanfic Ideas page.

To-Do List

  1. Finish the "What I'm Playing" page.
    1. add the rest of my favorites This is an ongoing process that will not be completed anytime soon, so I'm calling it done.
    2. make the video game logs their own separate pages, one for each game
    3. add a section + logs for physical/analog games, especially solo rpgs
    4. add opinions of games I've already played but aren't necessarily favorites
  2. Work on the "What I'm Watching" page.
    1. expand my short reviews/opinions into longer pages
    2. add my opinions on movies/shows I've seen but aren't necessarily favorites
    3. add tv show logs, maybe episode by episode opinions? that'd be fun but would take a while
  3. Add a "What I'm Reading" page, for books & comics.
    1. favorite books/comics, book/comic logs, what's next, same sections as the playing/watching pages
    2. include webcomics I'm currently reading & ones that are completed/no longer updating
    3. think of more ?
  4. Work on the Secret Eevee section.
    1. summarize arcs
    2. finish uploading fanfics
    3. idk what else
  5. Finish the fandom OCs pages.
    1. this has its own todo list I'm not adding another one
  6. Finish uploading my fanfiction.
    1. there's so much to do I cannot calculate it all
  7. Finish the Wojira Duo section.
    1. add a playlist page with songs that remind me of them
    2. add an AU page for more in-depth talk about AUs I've thought of for them
    3. writing/art prompts? that might be fun
    4. brainstorm More Ideas for this section
  8. Add more info to the Cradily section.
    1. add information on my cradily ocs
    2. add information on cradily across the pokémon video games, card games, manga, anime, and other media + merch.
    3. actually get my cradily collection started
  9. Add other sections.
    1. section for yuyuko saigyouji (touhou project)
    2. section for team magma (pokémon)
    3. section for the disco paintbrush (neopets)
    4. section to document all the cats I've known (with pictures when possible)
    5. section for my fuse bead work
    6. section for the color purple
    7. section for reality levels
    8. section for the 11th pokémon movie, giratina and the sky warrior
    9. section for letter writing
    10. section for volcanoes
    11. more secret sections
  10. …and so onward!