Wojira Duo: Fanfiction


This is a collection of the fanfiction I've written about Morro and Nya as a duo! While my interest in their symbolism and potential only developed within the last year, I dedicated a month long Morro prompt event to writing fics featuring them, and I have a handful of fics where they've interacted.


My Morrotober prompt fics aren't done yet, whoops. I'll update when it's done, but for now, you can read all the days I've posted on the linked page.

forgetting the coin for the ferryman is a story I wrote in a frenzy after finishing the Possession season, and mainly focuses on Morro going to live with Cyrus Borg, but Nya has a decent role and the two have some interactions. It's not up on this website yet, but you can read it on Archive of Our Own.

Dilara is a story I wrote about Nya. Morro shows up in it, though only briefly. I do like their interactions. It's also not up on this website, so read it on Archive of Our Own.