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Pokémon Ultra Sun: Gameplay Log

I didn't buy this game when it first came out, but I got a copy recently, and I'm interested in seeing the changes from Pokémon Sun.

Latest Update

March 8th, 2023: Well, I'm still on the first island! After about a hundred hours of grinding, I have evolved every pokémon available to evolve, except for most item evolutions, all location evolutions, and three level-up evolutions that evolve past level forty. I also caught a shiny bonsly! His name is Kintsugi. I'm excited to keep playing and finally be able to progress in my self-imposed challenge.

Older (oldest first)

September 7th, 2022: I am not playing this game the intended way. I am still on the first island/Main Area of the game, and I'm determined to raise every pokémon I own to level 35 before progressing further. I also caught every unique pokémon that was available to me on the first island, so I have a lot of grinding ahead of me. I am having fun, though!

September 21st, 2022: Still chugging along. I don't think I'm gonna update this game's log until I'm done grinding and can move to the next island LOL.