Reality and Rebirth


Hello, and welcome to Reality and Rebirth, a small personal website on the internet. My name is Moxie, Torch, or Proxy. I'm an autistic adult (28), I use they/them, x/x, or coinself pronouns, and I love Lego media (Movies, Ninjago, Monkie Kid, Lego City Adventures), Pokémon, various other movies and games, and writing about them.

JSYK, my autism majorly impacts my life and how I interact with people; please be aware of this! I may act "weird" and/or not grasp social norms right away. Please be patient with me, and if I cross any boundaries, please be direct with me so I can change and correct my behavior!

In addition, because of my autism, I often have interests relating to children's media and fandoms largely consisting of minors. I am an adult, and would like to be treated as such, and therefore it is my responsibility to always act appropriately around children and teens. This is very important to me. I'm fine interacting with minors, but please be aware that we cannot have the same dynamic I have with my friends my own age.

I have a boyfriend. Their name is Cal.

Feel free to comment on pages that have comments enabled. Please read and follow the rules.

Have a good time looking around!

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