What I'm Playing

Pokémon Inclement Emerald: Gameplay Log

This is a Pokémon Emerald romhack that can be found here. A friend told me about it, and I'm having fun playing through it, as always, slowly.

Latest Update

March 31st, 2023: I picked this up again after a couple months, and I'm slowly working my way through it. I defeated Roxanne and am on Dewford Island, where I'm exploring the new areas and training my pokémon to the level cap.

Older (oldest first)

November 2nd, 2022: I haven't beaten Roxanne yet, or even entered her gym. My New Thing in Pokémon games is, apparently, to fill my pokédex out as much as possible before defeating each gym. In this game, that also includes training every pokémon I catch up to the level cap. It's a grind, but I enjoy grinding. I'll update again once I'm past the first gym.