Reality and Rebirth

OC: Meri / Peregrine

Peregrine in her civilian clothes.

Name: Meri
Legal/Secondary Name: Peregrine
Pronouns: they/them
Legal/Secondary Pronouns: she/her
Species Human
Age: Late 30s
Birthday: September 30th
Occupation: Thief
Legal/Secondary Occupation: Entry-level retail

Meri or Peregrine is an original character who was originally created for the Ninjago fandom as a joke; they're a "reverse santa claus" whose name comes from "Merry Christmas." Since their first incarnation, I've mde various AUs of them for other worlds, but the Ninjago version is the most developed.

Peregrine was diagnosed with autism as a child and came out as a trans woman as a teenager. Her parents were not happy with either of these traits, and, after being emotionally neglected her entire childhood, Peregrine was disowned at the age of eighteen. With no other options, she took upon the persona of Meri and began stealing tech products to sell at a discount in order to afford food and rent. Turns out, they're very good at it!

Meri likes having control over other's emotions, flirts with a variety of people, and often puts herself in dangerous social situations for the thrill of getting out of them. One day, though, their lack of self-preservation will get them in a situation that's not so easy to escape unscathed.

Lego Ninjago

Meri in their thief persona.

Meri is a thief, and very good at it. They target tech warehouses to steal product from, and despite their face being exposed on camera, no one's managed to figure out her civilian identity—no one except for Cyrus Borg.

Meri steals directly from Borg Tower fairly frequently, and on their second meeting, they openly flirted with Cyrus, going as far to kiss him. While Cyrus didn't exactly mind, after that encounter he did as much research into Meri's identity as he could in order to ensure they were safe enough to continue a relationship with.

What Cyrus found was that Meri's civilian identity was Peregrine Dyer, niece to famous game developer Milton Dyer. Milton does not know she exists, as Peregrine was disowned by her parents at the age of eighteen and has been fending for herself since then. While this didn't explain the kiss, it at least assured Cyrus that Meri was not an evil villain determined to destroy Ninjago.

As it turns out, Meri has been taking jobs from a member of Borg Industries' board of directors. Axel won't tell them why they're stealing what they're stealing, and eventually, Meri gets fed up and quits on him. The trouble happens when, being genuinely fond of Cyrus Borg, Meri tries to warn him about Axel, and they both find out exactly how far Axel is willing to go for control of the company.


Flare Admin Meri.

Meri used to be a thief who stole technology and sold it at a discount, but in a disastrous attempt to steal from the Kalos Pokéball Factory, they were caught and identified as their civilian persona, Peregrine Myers, a trainer from Paldea. The man who caught them essentially blackmailed them into infiltrating Team Flare for him and stopping the team from targeting the factory. Thinking that this was an easy way out, Meri agreed.

In Team Flare, Meri was a skilled trainer and criminal, and quickly rose in the ranks. By the time they realized what was going on, it was too late; Meri was an admin who had been granted the knowledge of Team Flare's ultimate goal: killing off everyone outside their ranks.

Now, Meri can't leave, since they'll be disposed of at the first sign of sabotage, and they wouldn't dare to actually attempt sabotage. They go through the motions, praying someone will stop the team soon.

Meri's team of pokémon is Umbreon, Malamar, and Grumpig.