Reality and Rebirth

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Hello! Welcome to Reality and Rebirth, a small personal website. I have many internet pseudonyms, including Moxie, Torch, Proxy, Dreamor… feel free to call me any of those, or my real name if you know it. I'm an autistic transgender adult who uses they/them, x/x, or coinself pronouns. This website is shared with friends, family, and loved ones, and is my public home on the internet–feel free to spread and share!

JSYK, my autism majorly impacts my life and how I interact with people; please be aware of this! I may act "weird" and/or not grasp social norms right away. Please be patient and direct with me.

I have a boyfriend. Their name is Cal.

Feel free to comment on pages that have comments enabled. Please read and follow the rules.

Have a good time looking around!

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