Wojira Duo: Playlist

There's a handful of songs that remind me of Morro, Nya, or both of them. You also get an insight into my music taste lolll. So here's my work-in-progress playlist for them, with links to the songs on youtube and/or bandcamp.

Wojira Duo Playlist

The Oh Hellos – New River | bandcamp
This song makes me think of Nya, particularly her True Potential in season five and her overall conflict with Morro. In my mind, this is the first song on the Wojira Duo playlist.

i know the winds from the south
have the waves riled up like a hungry mouth
and your stomach goes hollow
at the thought that it could swallow you whole

Nightwish – Turn Loose the Mermaids | youtube
So this one relates in a more abstract way; I imagine this one being from the perspective of the elements of wind and water. They came from the same source–Wojira–and I'd like to imagine they knew each other, once. Also I like that it mentions a kite in the beginning.

oh how beautiful it used to be
just you and me far beyond the sea
the waters scarce in motion
quivering still

The Legend of Zelda – Song of Storms | youtube
I think it's neat. Feels like a song the Elemental Masters of Water and Wind would perform together. That's it!


Mother Falcon – Water | youtube
A friend recommended this song for the playlist, and I like the vibes! The lyrics make me think of Morro especially, since the song appears to be about the absence of water rather than an abundance of it.

i dream of water
when i'm dying of thirst
i dream of water
pulling me under

The Birthday Massacre – The Other Side | youtube
I've been a fan of the Birthday Massacre for a hot minute, and a lot of their songs fit the general feeling that matches how I think of Nya and Morro. This one I imagine more from Nya's perspective, and of course I imagine the dreaming serpent as Wojira herself.

in summer i drowned you
in winter i found you
as the world falls apart around me
the serpent is dreaming
i don't know this feeling
as we break through the other side

Feel free to comment with your own song suggestions!