Cradily: My Collection


I'll give it to you straight: I have no cradily in my collection yet. I have only very recently begun playing Ultra Sun, and am not in a position yet where I can transfer my cradily from previous games. So for now, I'll let you know what my goals are for the collection:

Collecting Goals

Gathering cradily with many different trainer IDs. I want to trade with many different people, for only cradily (or lileep, as long as they can evolve), to collect a large number of different trainer IDs. A secondary goal is gathering interesting numbers!

Gathering cradily with different ribbons, movesets, other qualities. I'm interested in gathering rare cradily, too! Moves that are hard to get, such as egg moves, rare abilities… I would LOVE to get a cradily with Every Possible Ribbon, too, but I'd want to raise it on my own, not trade for it.

Shiny cradily. Yeah.

Other Goals

Raising every cradily to level 100. Pretty self-explanatory.

Maxing every cradily's friendship/affection. Same here. This would be in whatever game I am storing the cradily on; currently, this is Ultra Sun.

Writing a profile for every cradily to add to my OCs. I love developing OCs, so I want to turn every cradily I collect into an OC, too! This includes a basic profile + drawing them.

How to Help

Do you have a cradily, or a lileep that can evolve? Can you connect to the internet on a 3DS? Awesome! I'd love to trade with you! Comment on this page with your social media (I'm on tumblr, discord, and I can dig up a twitter account), and I'll contact you through there to exchange 3DS friend codes. I do not have any super interesting pokémon to trade, so I'll probably just give you a random pokémon, but if you want something specific, I'll do my best to find it.

Thanks for reading!