What I'm Playing

This is a collection of the various games I am playing, have played, and old favorites. This includes video games and physical board/card/tabletop games, plus links to relevant fan content.


This list is perpetually under construction; there are a lot of games that have left impacts on me! Listed in alphabetical order.

Luigi's Mansion (Gamecube)
This was a lot of fun when I was a kid, though I never did end up finishing it. I recently rediscovered it, and am trying to play it over again as an adult.

A lovely puzzle game with impressive sound design. I don't play it too often, since I prefer story games, but it's nice to play when I want to chill a little bit.

Night in the Woods
Turned me fully into a leftist and a furry both when I was only a little bit of each.

Pokémon Franchise | (link to fanworks pending)
Pokémon has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My first game was Pokémon Stadium, and my first main-series game was Crystal. I still play the games, though I skipped buying Sword and Shield, and I have many favorites among the pokémon themselves.

I played this several years late while somehow never encountering spoilers for it (and I'm still not spoiled for Portal 2, despite not finishing it yet). It was fun! People really don't exaggerate how good of a game it is.

A Short Hike
A stunning game. I enjoyed it so much! One day I'll make a Huge Elaborate Art Piece to represent how much I enjoyed this game, and how charming and well-made it is. But! It might take a while.

Smile For Me
A neat little puzzle game with a cool aesthetic. I will not pretend I didn't need to look up a walkthrough to beat it, LOL. I first played it on PC and I'd like to get it for the Nintendo Switch.

Undertale | (link to fanworks pending)
I liked this game alot, and still enjoy it! My standards for What Makes a Story Good have significantly risen since I first played it, but I still consider Undertale good. Deltarune, though, in the first two chapters, has already shown Toby Fox's improvement.

Yume Nikki
The indie horror RPG Maker game of all time. I loved exploring in this game back in high school, though I needed a walkthrough to actually complete it, and I still think of it fondly.

more to be added

What's Next?

There's a lot on my list of games to play! This page is still under construction, so there's definitely more to be added, but let's start with the unplayed games in my Steam library.

2064: Read Only Memories, An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Bastion, Hollow Knight, Monster Prom, Owlboy, Portal 2, Super Lesbian Animal RPG, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia, Transistor. This isn't all of them, but my highest priorities. Way too many, I know.

I'd also like to add some board/card/tabletop games to this page, both favorites and ones I want to play. Mostly solo journaling games, if I'm gonna be real. My IRL friends are not all interested in playing these with me, haha.