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Alice Sinclair, she/her

Alice is the daughter of Bill and Evelyn Sinclair, and little sister to Mason Sinclair. She's also Tippy Doreman's niece, since Evelyn is his sister, and she's named after their late mother. Alice is full of energy as a child and keeps a lot of that drive when she grows older.

Ashley Stormcloud, she/her

Ashley is the daughter of Freya McCloud and Sandra Storm and older sister to her sibling, Sky Stormcloud. She's a kind, caring girl with a lot of empathy, though she becomes more jaded as she gets older.

Bill Sinclair, he/him

Bill is Mary Sinclair's son. He marries R.E. Fendrich's stepdaughter and Tippy Doreman's sister, Evelyn Sinclair, and has two children with her: Alice and Mason. He was raised by his mother to be hard-working and driven, and he closed himself off emotionally until he met Evelyn.

Bobbi Cycle, she/her

Bobbi is a newcomer to Lego City; she works with a queer advocacy organization to run the city's pride parade. She has memory problems and gets confused easily. She's bisexual and is affectionately called "Bi Cycle" by her siblings, Uno and Tristan.

Bud, she/her

Bud is a demolitions expert in Lego City. She is a butch lesbian with an ongoing rivalry with Daisy Lewis, where both of them pretend they don't care about the rivalry.

Daphne DeStracted, she/her

Daphne is a security guard who wants to be a ballerina. She's kind of ditzy.

Darling, they/them

Darling is the nonbinary college friend of Daisy and Duke, back in Lego City for an awkward reunion. They where heelies everywhere and work as a white-hat hacker, finding security flaws for companies. Like, this one admin put all the passwords on his refrigerator, where anyone who breaks into his house like Darling did can find them! Frightening! See Darling on Toyhouse.

Evelyn Sinclair, she/her

Evelyn Sinclair is Tippy Doreman's sister. She married Bill Sinclair, to the distaste of her stepfather, and had two children with him: Alice and Mason. She cut off contact with Tippy abruptly when she was in college, and it was nearly a decade before she reached out to him again. She does not talk to her stepfather, R. E. Fendrich.

Janice Doorman-Hubbs, she/her

Janice is the daughter of Tippy Doreman Doorman and Harl Hubbs, with help from Cortez. She is a sweet, happy girl, as well as a door goddess in the AU where Tippy has divine door powers granted from Paradoors. Immortal, like her parents, she will be around until the end of the universe–and perhaps after. See Janice on Toyhouse.

Jeremy Kerning, he/him

Sheriff of some western town. Hates Snake Rattler and has been chasing after him for years. Joyce's brother.

Joyce Kerning, she/her

Jeremy's sister. Knows Snake Rattler, somehow?

Lindsey, she/her

A librarian in a new, renovated library in Lego City. Apparently does cool skateboard stunts, but no one knows for sure.

Mason Sinclair, he/him

Mason is the son of Bill and Evelyn Sinclair, and the older brother to Alice. He's very shy and socially anxious as a child, which changes to a serious and careful personality as he grows older.

Oaklyn, she/her

Oaklyn is a midwife in Lego City. Pretty chill with weird things happening during births, so long as the baby is safe and healthy.

Ruby Goldberg, she/her

Ruby is a hitwoman who uses Rube Goldberg machines to take out her targets, except they never work. She makes do with backup plans. Her brother, Wright, doesn't talk to her much, and he doesn't know about her extremely criminal profession. See Ruby on Toyhouse.

Sky Stormcloud, they/them

Sky is a cheeky kid and the younger child of Freya McCloud and Sandra Storm. Ashley is their sister. They're fairly spoiled by their parents, and get into trouble a lot in school.

Tristan Cycle any pronouns

Tristan is the youngest sibling out of Uno and Bobbi, affectionately called "Tri Cycle" because they're trigender. Doesn't live in Lego City, but visits frequently as their sister gets used to her new job.

Tyson Schwartz, he/him

Tyson is the brother of Principal Schwartz, and rumored to be a Real Wizard, unlike his brother. This has yet to be proven. He wears summer clothes all year round, including shorts in winter.

Uno Cycle, he/him

The eldest brother of Tristan, and while he, like his sister, is bisexual, he ended up having to take the nickname of "Uni Cycle" because he has a unibrow. Will occasionally call his siblings from where he lives, but doesn't have the time to visit them.

Wright Goldberg, he/him

Wright runs the Goldberg Family Business, which he founded and runs alone, doing a lot of different things. He makes enough to make a living. His sister, Ruby Goldberg, was dissatisfied with their life, and abandoned him to do her own thing, whatever that is. He's not bitter about it, really. He tries very hard to be a good, capable person, and is a decent guy overall.