Fandom-Related Characters

Pokémon Characters


Ad Astra, x/x's

Aether, he/him

Afterwords, they/them

Amusement Park, they/them

Arts and Crafts, he/him

Aster, they/them

Batvee, he/him

Behold! A Man, he/him

Beniboy, he/him

Bestie, she/her

Beyond Infinity, it/its

Big Boy, she/her

Bitrate, they/them

Black Rose, she/her

Blackbeard, he/him

Blitz, they/them

Boomerang, he/him

Brine, she/her

Buddy, he/him

Cartwheel, they/them

City Lights, xe/xem

Clockwork, fae/faer

Correlation, they/them

Creepypasta, they/them

Crepe, she/her

Criminal, he/him

Crocs, they/them

Crown, coinself

Crybaby, he/him

Curse, he/him

Cycle, they/them

Dame, she/her

Dancer, he/him

Dapple, he/him

Deli, they/them

Detective, they/them

Dexter, he/him

The Digital Age, they/them

Dragon, he/him

Drought, she/her

Dupli, he/him

Dust Bunny, he/him

E Terris, y/y's

Ebony, she/her

Eclair, he/him

The Endless Beginning, they/them

Eighty, neonself

Epitaph, ze/zir

Erosion, he/him

Exe, they/them

Fiction, they/them

Firefly, they/them

Firestarter, he/him

Fish Fear Me, he/him

Froggers, they/them

Frosted Windows, he/him

Fufu, ey/em

Gate Guardian, they/them

Gilda, she/her

Gooseberry, they/them

Green Ninja, she/her

Guy, they/them

Harvest, he/him

Irie, they/them or he/him

Jane Doe, she/her

Jasmine, she/her

Jeff, he/him

Juno, he/him

Kachow, he/him

King, he/him

Lady Luck, she/her

Lady Sunset, she/her

Lass, she/her

Laughter, he/him

Lego City Adventures, he/him

The Lego Movie (2014), they/them

Leia, she/her

Let's Go, no pronouns

Leyline, he/him

Lili, ey/em

Linux, he/him

Loop de Loop, he/him

Marysol, they/them

Matcha, he/him

Mattrick, he/him

Merry Go Round, he/him

Millefiori, sol/sols

Minimaar, he/him

Miss Fortune, she/her

Mordecai, ringself

Morty, he/him

Muppet, he/him

Nemo, he/him

Ninety, she/her

Ninja, he/him

Nix, she/her or tickself

Old Sky, they/them

Onion, he/him

Onyx, she/her

Opal, he/him

Opera, she/her

Paprika, he/him

Peacemeal, they/them

Pepper, he/him

Phantom, they/them

Pinwheel, they/them

Poco a Poco, z/z's

Precious, he/him

Prez, he/him

Pride and Joy, loveself

Prim, she/her

Prism, she/her

Prowler, he/him

Psyca, he/him

Quill, they/them

Quittin' Time, any pronouns

Rain Dance, ze/zem

Ram, she/her

Rawr, she/her

Reality, it/its

Reaper, they/them

Rebirth, she/her

Rolly, she/her

Root, he/him

Rosalina, she/her

Sandwich, she/her

Santa Claus, xe/xem

Science Museum, they/them

Scrungly, he/him

Seamstress, she/her

Seashell, he/him

Serasera, she/her

Seventy, they/them

Sleepless, ae/aer

Smacking Cheese, he/him

Snow Queen, ze/zir

Solaluna, she/her

Space Invader, xe/xem

Spotlight, he/him

Stabby, he/him

Stockings, she/her

Strudel, they/them

Sugar, she/her

Sunny Day, she/her

Supernova, tey/tem

Superstar, she/her

Sweet Potato, they/them

Tesseract, he/him

That One Guy, he/him

The Other One, he/him

The Third One, he/him

Time Warp, ze/hir

Tomorrow, he/him

Trans Rights, she/her

Ube, starself

Ultra, he/him

Vicey, she/her

Wakeful, ae/aem

Wasabi, he/him

Whiskers, he/him

Work of Art, they/them

Worstie, w/w's

X, he/him

X-Ray, they/them

Xan, he/him or tockself

Xonny, he/him

Yam, they/them

Yesterday, he/him