Reality and Rebirth

The Oneshot Page

This is the index for all my oneshots currently uploaded to this website, organized by fandom. Part of a new effort to make my fanfic page navigatable.


Gift Buster

Summary: Kris and Susie get gifts for their friends in the Dark World.

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Rules of the Game

Summary: Lancer persuades Rouxls to join a battle against the heroes.

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Lego City Adventures

Everything She Wanted

Summary: When Sandra gets a job offer in another city, she worries her renewed friendship with Freya won't survive the distance.

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Helpful Hacksaw Hank

Summary: Hacksaw Hank reorganizes his birthday party to help Tippy on a date. Like most of Hank's plans, this has unintended results.

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Knock Knock

Summary: Daisy Lewis is caught stowing away in her mother's car all the way to her worksite. Since the demolition area is much too dangerous for a twelve-year-old, her mother and Mr. Fendrich put her in a room with Fendrich's stepkid–some seventeen-year-old nerd who knows a lot about doors. Warnings for brief instances of misgendering.

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The Lego Movie

Benny Blues

Summary: Benny gets kicked out of the space program for being a Master Builder. His boyfriend, Lenny, walks out with him. Both of them miss the stars, but what can they do?

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Lego Ninjago

Pause Button

Summary: Post Morro's possession, Lloyd has a panic attack during a meeting in Borg Tower. When he excuses himself, he runs into a short nindroid who helps him calm down. Lloyd/Mindroid shipping.

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The Lego Ninjago Movie

Better Than They Were

Summary: Garmadon takes Koko and his infant son Lloyd to meet his parents, who are dead (Garmadon did not know this). Garmadon/Koko shipping.

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