I'm participating in a Lego Ninjago October challenge on tumblr; you can find the Morrotober blog here. I'll be uploading each day's story here, though not necessarily on time.

Morrotober 2022

Day One: Morro manages to capture the Water Ninja, however temporarily. Warnings: minor reference to torture.
Day Two: Morro and Nya talk about who was the better choice for the Green Ninja.
Day Three: Nya gives Morro a haircut.
Day Four: Using the element of wind, Morro peers into Ninjago.
Day Five: Morro takes a flying ship out over the Shintaro skies. Nya’s not a fan. Warnings: emetophobia.
Day Six: Morro has witnessed the deaths of everyone he knows. Lloyd asks him for a favor. Warnings: depiction of character death.
Day Seven: Morro bakes what can generously be referred to as a "cake."
Day Eight: Morro encounters a ghost with the power of a djinn.
Day Nine: Morro and Nya confront each other in Stiix.
Day Ten: Morro gets his hand caught in some training equipment. Warnings: graphic depiction of hand injury.
Day Eleven: Nya makes a doll for the ghost only she can see.
Day Twelve: Morro goes with the ninja and Benthomaar to investigate the Preeminent’s resting place on the bottom of the ocean. Warnings: Mention/reference to death.
Day Thirteen: Set in Coinverse, Morro rants about art therapy.
Day Fourteen: Morro wakes up after making a wish to be alive again. A continuation of Day Eight.
Day Fifteen: Morro's powers are going haywire. Wu and Nya take him to the sky to find the cause.
Day Sixteen: A half-angel Morro dies and runs away to the ends of the world. Warnings: death, religion (Christian)
Day Seventeen: Morro finds out about his lineage.
Day Eighteen
and so on…