Moxie's Future Fanfic Ideas

Hi! This is the page for upcoming fanfic ideas. I cannot promise they will all be written in a timely manner, but I'll do my best!

Lego Fics

Castys – in progress!

Lego Ninjago: Nya is happy living with her brother in their village; Kai earns enough at the blacksmith shop for a decent life, and Nya sneaks out at night as Samurai X, defending the area from those who would do harm. When she's forced to give up that title to train with a man called Master Wu, Nya flees the responsiblity placed upon her, and meets a young man named Morro while wandering Ninjago. Morro has his own history with Wu, and Nya agrees to accompany him, unaware that every step she takes brings her closer to a irrevocable choice: will she be Samurai X, or the Water Ninja?

Ah yes, Castys.

This star tells the story of a woman who built a tower to heaven.

And for this the gods sunk her deep into the sea.

But even in the depths, she refused to die.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Lego Ninjago: When the Preeminent is defeated, Morro escapes and flees to a deserted island, where he takes shelter from the rain. There, he meets Benthomaar, who believes everything Morro tells him. While Morro pretends to be the hero he's not, he slowly realizes that Benthomaar is hiding dark secrets–and that the Merlopian prince isn't as gullible as he seems.

The Everyman

The Lego Movie (2014): Emmet's face being "so generic it matches every other face in our database" ends up a plot point when Wyldstyle teaches him to go inside his mind.

Finding Family

Lego Monkie Kid: When Xiaotian, Xiaojiao, and Red Son all go missing, Pigsy and Tang have to work together with Sandy, the Long family, Princess Iron Fan, Demon Bull King, and the Monkey King to find them.

Xiaotian didn't come home last night.

After the initial anger at the kid being late to a shift, Pigsy swiftly grew concerned when no one could get in contact with him–and the freak storm that had struck overnight didn't help. While the TV played the weather station apologizing for the "sudden, unexpected malfunction" of the weather machine, Pigsy dragged Tang out of bed and started making phone calls.

By the middle of the day, Xiaotian still hadn't shown up, and Pigsy hadn't had the time to open shop.

Never Trust a Princess

Lego Ninjago: Set in the same pseudo-coinverse-canon as Fishing for Trouble, Lloyd is invited to a meeting in Shintaro with the royalty and leaders of Ninjago and the surrounding kingdoms, which, upon meeting the highly suspicious Princess Vania, quickly turns into the worst dinner party of his life.


Lego Ninjago

Pixal nods. "I love you too, Father."

Cyrus Borg has far too much to deal with, Pixal decides. If she can lighten his burden in any way, she'll do it.

So she doesn't tell him about the hallucinations.

Lego Ninjago: Acronix is caught in a time loop, arriving back in Ninjago out of the forty-year timeskip every time they die. How many loops can Acronix go through before they're forced to rethink their goals?

Lego Ninjago: Magical Girl Cyber, or Pixal as her father knows her, protects Ninjago City with her teammates, Amber (Skylor) and River (Nya). Things get complicated when her father, Cyrus Borg, enters the dating scene.


Pokémon ORAS: The legendary pok√©mon of the world decide to raise heirs, and they choose a few unlucky people among the humans to die and be reincarnated in legendary form. Team Aqua Admin Shelly is one of them.

Pokémon SwSh: A "What If" AU where, instead of being endorsed by Leon with her best friend, Gloria is endorsed by Chairman Rose.

Other Fandoms

Night in the Woods: there is nothing in the hole at the bottom of the mine.

Mae was getting worse.

She couldn't sleep. Her dreams were a mess of darkness and lights and a deep unease that crept into her waking self. She felt like someone had taken her apart and put her back together wrong.

That night in the mine, in the woods–

She couldn't wrap her mind around what happened back then. She barely talked about it with Bea or Gregg. What could they say? Something had happened. Something had changed.

It was over now. The cultists were dead.

But there was still a hole.

Undertale: Frisk introduces Monster Kid to his friends Chara and Flowey.