Reality and Rebirth

my boyfriend wanted me to make a page about him so I did

what, you mean you tumblypoos haven’t heard of heckin CALYPSO LEMON? sit down children because i’m gonna learn you a thing

calypso is only the most sexiest little cinnamon roll in the entire lego franchise. he is a boyfriend (professional bestie for you plebs!) so you KNOW he’s always putting me first on his dates 😜. but you also have to WATCH OUT! because this cinnamon roll is actually...

a SINNAMON ROLL MASTER CRIMINAL who can outsmart even the cleverest police officer. And he’ll remain so prim and proper while doing it to! he’s like [famous actor] if he were playing [antagonist] instead of [protagonist]. TOTAL FANGASM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you literally can’t get any hotter than this. so remember your bagel manners children, and you might get a chance at this HUNK of a boyfriend